The Telegraph 24.02.2001
Clicking celebs is his passion. Getting them to autograph the photograph is his mission.

The Times of India 11.02.2001
His passion is to capture moments and stamp them forever.

The Asian Age 01.09.2002
History can be sealed in albums of coloured portraits or in scrawled autographs with silver or black ink.

The Times of India 11.02.2003
Signed photos make for a unique experience.

Prashant Arora is a familiar figure at all cultural events in and around Kolkata, India. He is a photographer with a vision for the future. His mission is to create an archival museum. This museum would comprise photographs of celebrities from different walks of life, with their personal signatures on them. 

His passion for this unusual archive is based on a childhood love that continues till this day - Philately, or collecting stamps. His stamp collection has fetched him medals at State, National and International Philatelic Exhibitions. Between 1983 & 2005, Arora has painstakingly built an archive of more than 2000 personally autographed photographs of national and international celebrities across the board.

His special area however are - classical music and classical dance, and each photograph is complemented with a brief bio-data of the personality concerned. Arora is celebrated as a portrait photographer of considerable excellence.

He is in an enviable position today - in the process of creating an autographic - photographic encyclopedia of great men and women including Nobel Laureates. He offers a unique example of happy marriage between two passions - photography and autographs.

People ranging from Mrinal Sen to Majrooh Sultanpuri, M. F. Hussain to Madhuri Dixit, Birju Maharaj to Bhimsen Joshi, Hari Prasad Chourasia to Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ruskin Bond to Shoba De, Mehndi Hasan to Daler Mehndi, Naushad Ali to Gopal Das 'Neeraj', Shantidev Ghosh to Saurav Ganguly, find themselves frozen in time within a small frame of an autographed portrait. All the creation of one man - Prashant Arora, at work.


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